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Increases in Tourism in 2013

04-Sep-13 16:52

"The summer of recovery"

In 2012 Spain was number the number 2 destination for tourism in Europe with 57.7 million tourist arrivals - an increase of 6.6% on the previous year. Spain was the second largest tourism market in the World accounting from 55.9 billion US Dollars, a 14% increase of the previous year.

Spains rises in tourism in 2013 with all key source markets showing notable growths, including British +9%, German +13.2%, Dutch +6.8%, Scandinavian +20.2% and Russians +30%.

2013 figures are now starting to show a move towards positive accural. The GCN (General Council of Notaries) confirms, that overseas investors are once again buying in Spain, a substantial 28.4% increment in the number of foreign and non-residen buyers of Spanish property in 2012, only foreign nationals spent 5.54 bilion Euros in 2012, compared with 4.7 billion Euros in 2011 and 3.6 billion Euros in 2009.

Foreigners now make up 12% of the Spanish property market and could be `crucial`to any recovery.

The Marbella region, especially the "Golden Triangle" consists of some of the most premium real estate in Southern Spain, the volume of residential sales in this area increased significantly in 2012 showing a 21.11% increase on the previous year.

Source: Ministry of Public Works

Good News for the Spanish Property Market

13-Aug-13 16:30

Spanish slump is easing

After Spain may have spent years in the doldrums, may now be the time to buy on the costas says Jessie Hewitson. As per Spain´s national statistics office, GDP fell by 0.1 per cent in the second quarter, the slowest decline in two years, and unemployment has fallen for the first time in two years. For Spain it is the first good news in ages.

The past year house prices fell by 7.9 per cent, as per C. de Meillac, a senior negotiator with Knight Franks estimates, it is now nearer a fall of 4.5 per cent year-on-year. If you ask yourself where to buy now, it is the safest to stick to the more established areas like Marbella, Ibiza, Majorca, Barcelona and Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol. A typical two-bed flat in Marbella, the agency´s most common price point is 350.000 EUR or 1.5 million for a villa.

According to the newspaper 'El Pais' in May, foreingners make up 15 per cent of all propery sales, in 2006 the figure was 4.24. The government announced a scheme to offer residency for anyone who spend 500.000 EUR or more, that´s why Chinese and Indian would-be buyers have expressed a lot of interest.

Source: The Times

Michael Bolton comes to Costa del Sol

14-Jun-13 12:26

Bolton will perform in Puerto Banus

Michael Bolton, the GRAMMY award winner is set for his Costa del Sol debut. On the 1st of August he will perform at the Puente Romano Hotel for only one night. His hits include "How am I supposed to live without you", but that´s only one of the greatest hits of this multi-million selling artist. The promotor David Giles states, that he´s very pleased to bring Michael to Marbella for the first time. He will complement the stunning setting of the Puente Romano perfectly.

Source: Olive Press

Malaga Airport is bucking trend

13-Jun-13 12:01

Passenger numbers at Malaga Airport are on the up

In May, more than 1.28 million passengers used the Malaga airport, that is 5.6 per cent more than in May 2012, that is despite a national fall in the total number of passengers. AENA, the Spanish airport authority mentioned that 17 million passengers used national airports last month, which is 1.9 per cent less than in May last year. This year, 5 per cent more passengers are using the airports on international flights, which is more than 11.89 million passengers. Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport is one of the facilitis in Andalusia which has been earmarked to receive funds from the European Union to carry out measures to improve transport and communications infrastructure.

Source: Euro Weekly News

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